The IEP Process

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In order to receive special education services, your child must have an individualized education program (IEP). The IEP process can be initiated by a parent, teacher or another school official, but cannot move forward without parental consent. The IEP process begins with the referral, and when successful culminates in your child receiving special education services that are tailored to his needs, in the least restrictive setting possible. If you are considering special education for your child or have been notified that your child may be in need of an IEP, please talk to Los Angeles special education attorney Fred J. Fleming today.

Referral for Evaluation

The IEP process begins when a parent, teacher, or another school official refers a child for evaluation to find out if the child is eligible for special education services. The request can be written or verbal, but we recommend that you make your request in writing because there are certain time limits that the school district must adhere to in responding to your request. You should also know that the school district cannot evaluate your child for special education without your consent.

Evaluation and Eligibility

Your child will be evaluated to determine if she is eligible for special education services. In order to be eligible your child must be determined to have a disability as defined under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). If you disagree with the results of the evaluation, you have the right to an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) at the school district’s expense.

IEP Team Meeting

The IEP team meeting must take place within 30 days of the date that your child is determined to be eligible for special education. The IEP team works together to write the IEP. The IEP team consists of the parents, the child when appropriate, anyone the parents wish to include who has knowledge about the child which may be helpful, teachers and other school district officials.

The IEP is written during this meeting. It must contain specific information including your child’s strengths and needs, measurable goals for your child’s progress which can be accomplished within one year, the specific services your child will receive and in what setting.

The IEP cannot go into effect without your consent. You do not have to sign off on the IEP during the IEP team meeting if you are not sure about it or need clarification. You can take it home and think about it, discuss it with family members, and talk to your special education attorney.

Implementing the IEP

Once you sign the IEP, the school district must implement the IEP quickly by beginning the services prescribed in the IEP within a few days.

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