Transition Plans

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Transition planning is an important part of special education meant to help your child move successfully from high school into the adult world. Transition planning must be included in the first individualized education program (IEP) that will be in effect when your child turns 16. Your child is encouraged to participate in creating the transition plan. It will be based on his interests, preferences, needs and strengths. For legal help with this important stage in your child’s education, please talk to special education lawyer Fred J. Fleming today.

IED Transition Plan

Beginning with the first IED which will be in effect when your child turns 16, or sooner if appropriate, the IED must include postsecondary goals and the transition services you child will need based on his goals for the future and transition assessment.

Transition Services

Transition services are a coordinated set of activities designed to prepare your child to move from high school to adult activities including:

  • College
  • Vocational training
  • Continuing and adult education
  • Integrated employment
  • Independent living
  • Adult services
  • Community participation

Transition services are based on a child’s individual needs including their strengths, preferences, and interests. Transition services activities can include:

  • Development of independent living objectives
  • Development of employment objectives
  • Community experiences
  • Academic preparation
  • Acquisition of daily living skills
  • Functional vocational evaluation

The transition plan is updated every year.

Student Involvement in Transition Plan

It is very important for your teenager to be involved in transition planning. The plan will be based on what your child wants to do in the future. By law, you child’s interests and preferences must be considered, and in reality they must be in order for your child to succeed. The IEP team may begin discussing transition plans with your child before the age of 16.

The transition into adulthood can be difficult for any child and a frightening prospect for any parent. For a child with disabilities it can be a more daunting challenge, but transition planning can lay the groundwork for a smooth and successful transition into independent living, postsecondary education, and employment.

By helping your child develop postsecondary goals and giving them what they need to achieve them, transition planning can also encourage your child to stay in school and graduate.

The transition into adulthood can involve many hurdles, including legal hurdles. Special education attorney Fred J. Fleming can help you and your child during this trying time. Please contact us online today to learn more and to schedule your initial consultation.

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